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It's fair to say that I love no prep materials and over this last year, I've relied on them more and more! I have a busy caseload and busy home life, and I can't seem to find the time to prep materials like I used to. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cutting out and laminating, but with a caseload of over 200 children with varying needs... ain't nobody got time to prep!  So, we've really focused on no or low prep materials in our TpT store recently. From just print & go speech sound worksheets, to our print and go language packs, we're all about the no prep, easy life at the moment!
Recently, I had a bit of an epiphany, a "lightbulb moment" if you will! I realised that I could turn 'No Prep' materials into 'No Print' materials so easily!! I shared about it on our Instagram feed previously (in the 'Insta Story' section, so it's gone now) but I wanted to share about it with you here too!

Here's how to do it...

Download a copy of the 'No Prep' resource you want to use onto your tablet/iPad.
Here we're using our Halloween Language Activities Pack (which is ready to just print and go normally!)

Then, take a screenshot of the page you're planning on using in therapy, or screenshot all of the pages of the resource and store them in a separate folder on your tablet/iPad.
If you're not sure how to take a screenshot on your device, just search online for it, (the instructions should be fairly simple and usually involve pressing a combination of 2 buttons together). 

After you've taken a screenshot, select the page you're going to use and click 'edit' (this option may be termed something else and may be found in a different place depending on which device you're using!)

Then, choose the 'drawing' option (if this is available on your device) and choose your pen type & colour!

Then you can draw on the page with your finger, as if you're using a pen!

There you have it! 4 super easy steps to turning your 'No Prep' TpT resources into 'No Print' TpT resources!  Great for those times when your printer has run out of ink or your prep time was used up doing other jobs! 

Check out our other 'No Prep' resources in our TpT Store here,

Have you got any other time saving tips & tricks?  We'd love to hear them, drop us a comment below!

Wow! So, October is here and we're a little late to sharing our post about what we have planned for Speech & Language Therapy sessions this month! So sorry for the delay, the first week of October just flew by for us!! If you follow us on Instagram, you'd know that this past weekend was full of wedding dress shopping and birthday celebrations with the family :) :)  We've also been really busy updating old resources and creating new ones for our Teachers Pay Teachers Store! But, we love linking up with Scarlett from Speech is Sweet to share A Slice of Speech for this month!

Just in case you're new to reading these posts, here's an explanation on how we organise these visual plans; they're based (loosely) on skill; the vast majority of children on my caseload have difficulties with either articulation/phonology or language skills; I have very few (currently) who are dysfluent or who have social skills difficulties.  I also have a very large caseload, so I choose activities at the start of each month which can meet the needs of the majority of my caseload, with little preparation required!!
So, let me share a bit more about what's going on in my speech room this month!

As always, our Informal Articulation Assessment is getting a lot of use this month!  I'm always reviewing children's speech sound progress and this is so easy and convenient!  I love that there's a no prep version too, it's so easy to load onto the iPad and assess on the go!

We've also given our Halloween Themed Articulation Activities pack a huge update! New graphics/fonts/content! I'm so excited to be using this over the coming weeks in Speech Therapy sessions!  If you purchased this previously, be sure to redownload now (head to Teachers Pay Teachers, click on 'My Purchases' and sort by 'Recently Updated' to find all products that have been updated recently!) 

Since I can't use Halloween themed activities with all of the children I see, I'm using our Fall Themed Stamp and Say worksheets in therapy instead.  These are so motivating and engaging; kids love colouring in the pictures while practising their speech sounds!  There's a pack for /k g t d f s sh/ sounds and for /s, l, r/ blends!

I don't know about you, but I seem to have loads of children on my caseload who need to work on following directions! I like to give activities for schools and parents to do at home that don't require much additional effort or resources, so our no prep Following Directions Colouring Packs fit the bill perfectly!  We've recently released a new Halloween Themed Colouring Pack for 1, 2 & 3 step instructions!  These are really engaging, kids love listening to the instructions and colouring the pictures in.  For those children who are at a slightly higher level, this Halloween Colouring Pack contains mixed, multi-step directions and is a great activity for Speech and Language Therapy sessions or to be sent home for homework!

We've also just released a Halloween Themed Language Activities Pack which contains 42 pages of no prep language activities which are great for Speech Therapy sessions, or SPED/EAL lessons!  This no prep pack contains activities for synonyms, antonyms, wh-questions, pronouns, prepositions, sequencing, categories and more!  This pack is ready to print and go, which makes planning therapy sessions and homework a breeze!!

I really enjoy working on prepositions in therapy sessions, I find it so fun and engaging!  I love using our Interactive Preposition Books; they're great to use to gain a baseline or to practice prepositions in therapy sessions.  Some of the packs also come with worksheets which can be sent home for homework too!  Thankfully, we prepped our Pumpkin Themed Interactive Prepositions book last year, so it's ready to just grab and go!

Social Skills
Now, I know I said at the start that not many of the children on my caseload have specific social skills goals currently, but I do have a small number of children who are working on understanding emotions.  It's such a crucial skill for life, and it's so lovely to work on in therapy sessions.  We have recently given our Understanding Emotions resource a huge graphics and contents overhaul!! It now contains over 100 usable pages, including emotions posters, flashcards, worksheets, a bingo game, scenario cards, a feelings diary and loads more!  It has been such a valuable resource for our sessions and because it's not a seasonal resource, I can use it for various groups all year round!  We've teamed it with our Ice Breakers and Team Building Activities pack,so we are getting the chance to practice other key social skills too!

Phew! We have a busy month planned!  What have you got planned for your Speech and Language Therapy sessions this month?  Drop us a comment below, I'd love to hear what you have planned!  Be sure to head back to the link up to see what other SLP Bloggers have planned for October too!

Every year since 2002, no matter what the day is, September 19th is 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day!
I've joined up with Sweet Southern Speech to share what I'm doing in therapy that day!

It seems that kids (and adults!) love the idea of 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' and they really embrace the fun side of the day! From kids answering "yaaaaar" when responding to the register or trying to make it through the day with a homemade eye patch on, they all seem to enjoy being pirates!  Since I know they enjoy it so much I like to incorporate pirate themed games, crafts and activities in my speech therapy sessions and I wanted to share a few of these with you today!


Pop up Pirate is a must! This fun, silly game is not only great used as a reinforcer in speech therapy sessions but it's also good for working on requesting, increasing mean length of utterance and social skills- sharing, turn taking... being a good loser!

I also love this pirate puzzle 'Pirate Shapes' from Orchard Toys.  It contains 4 different boards, but they all have the same shapes missing.  We use this usually as a reinforcer during sessions, playing it as a memory game and we can also work on those all important social skills!


There are so many great crafts ideas on Pinterest!  I love this treasure chest craft from Red Ted Art! Who doesn't want their own treasure chest for their special things?  Check out my board of pirate themed crafts and activities for more ideas.


I love doing themed activities in my Speech Therapy sessions to help kids to work towards their goals. It helps keep them engaged and provides a nice bit of variety!  I've already shared about my therapy plans for September here. But I didn't mention about my plans for Talk Like a Pirate Day because I wanted to share them with you here instead! Here are a few activities I'm planning on using on Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Our following directions colouring packs are hugely popular and I'm sure our Pirate themed pack will be no different!  It contains 7 colouring pages with mixed length directions. It's all no prep, so just print out the pages you need, grab some crayons and you're good to go! They're great for homework too!

This Pirate themed freebie is by Panda Speech and is great for targeting categories in Speech Therapy sessions!  I will use this alongside my pirate puzzle game while we work on our categorising skills!  Panda Speech also has a free Speech and Language Drill sheet available in her TpT store too! This acts as a great reinforcer when eliciting multiple repetitions during therapy sessions!

Peachie Speechie has a great game to use alongside Pop Up Pirate that is for practising speech sounds! This /m/ freebie is available in her TpT store, but you can get a pack with /r, l, s, m, k, g, f, v/ and /s/ blend sounds here.

I have lots of children on my caseload who are working on prepositions too!  I love using these Interactive Books and have a range of them in our TpT Store. You can buy them separately or in this money saving bundle.
We use the interactive book during our sessions to practice and reinforce the prepositions, and I send the worksheets home for extra practice.  The worksheets are all no prep and are great to use as homework! Check out our Pirate themed book & worksheet pack here.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what we have planned for Talk Like a Pirate Day!  What have you got planned?  Drop me a message below, I'd love to hear about it!

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How can it really be September already?  Where did summer go?!!  We're joining up with Speech is Sweet again this month to share 'A Slice of Speech' for September!.  Check out her post & the linky here.
Now, although it seems to have come around really quickly, I must say, Autumn is my favourite season!  I love the changing colours, the crisp, fresh mornings and being able to layer up with cute scarves, boots and chunky knit sweaters! Perfect!

As I've mentioned before, since I don't work directly for a school and I have a large caseload, I like to plan activities that will meet the needs of most of my caseload and that don't require much preparation.  Here's what I have planned for September 2016...
Note: These aren't in a specific week order, I will do a range of these activities throughout the month. 

So, this month in our Speech and Language Therapy sessions, we're going to be doing some fun, no prep, Autumn (Fall) themed activities!  Here in the UK, schools are just starting to go back after their summer break, and although I don't have a summer break myself, I've decided that for the first week or so, we'll do some "Back to School" themed activities.  We'll be using our fun Ice Breaker Activities - these are great for any small groups and can be used all year round, but are particularly good for the start of term! For any new kids on my caseload I like to use the "All about me" pages and we fill one in each, so they get to know more about me too! We'll also do some following direction activities from our Back to School themed Following Directions pack!  These will act as a good baseline for the children who I know struggle with following directions and gives us a chance to discuss their new classes/schools and for me to get to know them a little bit more!  Since it's a new year for them (but not strictly for me), we will take the time to recap their targets and I'll make sure their teachers know what the children are working towards too.  We'll be using our Pencil Craft Target freebie, so the kids can write their targets down and take them home to show parents, and we'll use the Learning Target Posters so they can write out their targets and take them back to class to show their teachers.  

I always have new children coming onto my caseload, or children who need their speech sound progress reviewing, so I like to ensure I have my Informal Speech Sound Assessment with me.  It's so convenient to use; I love being able to take baseline data and then review progress throughout the year. I printed mine half size but there's a full size version too, which can be saved onto an iPad for a no prep & ink saving option!  We're also still loving the Articulation Tic Tac Toe games; we're currently working on other packs for different sounds! Be sure to follow our store on TpT so you're kept up to date with new releases!  You can buy the Tic Tac Toe games separately, or save money by buying the Growing Bundle (price increases as more packs are added).

I love using the Stamp n Say worksheets in therapy.  These no prep fall themed packs for /k g t d f s sh/ and /s/, /l/ and /r/ blends are great to use in Speech Therapy sessions and then to send home as homework!  You can buy them separately or get them in this money saving Speech and Language Bundle here.  In Speech Therapy sessions we usually use counters or playdoh to cover the images up, they then take them home to colour and practice again!

Pages from the /k g t d f s sh/ pack.

Since I work with children who have a range of language difficulties, I really like using resources which can meet many different goals!  Our no prep Back to School themed and Fall Themed following directions colouring packs are a huge hit in therapy sessions!  They're great to target following mixed length directions, as well as concepts, pronouns, plurals and more!  You can buy them separately or they're available in different bundles. Check out the whole range of following direction packs here.

I'm also using our Fall themed Language Activities Pack this month; it contains a range of activities that meet lots of different goals for Speech Therapy, such as pronouns, prepositions, synonyms, categories and more!  It's all no prep too, which I love! You can buy it as part of the Fall Speech and Language Bundle here!

A peek at some pages from our Fall Language Activities Pack.

I also really like the 10 Minute Grammar Flip Book by Teach Speech 365!  I bought it during the sitewide TpT Sale and absolutely love it!  It's great to use to get baseline data and do a quick screen of language needs, particularly when I'm out on visits to different schools, and I can't carry many assessments around!

Phew!!  So many things planned!! September is a busy month for us!  Also, although it's not on the plan here, since the 19th September is 'Talk Like a Pirate Day', we're going to do some pirate themed activities too.  We'll share about those in our next blog post!

What do you have planned for therapy this month?  We'd love to hear! Drop us a comment below!

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I recently purchased a set of these planner stickers from Kiwi Speech on Etsy and I wanted to do a review about them, so I could share about how I intend to use them and to give you chance to have a closer look!

Please note: I ordered these myself, I was not asked to do this review and just wanted to share my views about the planner stickers.  I haven't received any form of compensation, so you're getting a full, honest & unbiased review! :)

I had been coveting these planner stickers for a while and when Kristin of Kiwi Speech announced that she was now offering international shipping, I jumped at the chance to order my own set!  I took a while to choose because the range of colours and options is amazing, but in the end I ordered the SLP Weekly/Monthly To Do Lists and the SLP Schedule 1 planner sticker sets, both in "solid subdued" colours!  I loved the pastel shades and knew they'd match the colour of any diary I get (I get given a diary/planner each September, so I've not actually got mine yet!). Now, I should probably say at this stage that the stickers are designed for Erin Condren planners, but although I covet these too, I've never owned one and it isn't likely I will, because we have to use specific diaries at work.  But, I could tell from looking at the size of them, that they'd be suitable for the diaries we get provided, and I really wanted some,  so I went ahead an ordered myself the sets anyway! :)

Now, because I'm based here in the UK and Kristin is all the way in Pennsylvania I was expecting the delivery to take a while.  But I ordered them on 6th August 2016 and received them on the 16th August 2016!  That is some fast international shipping!

They arrived in a hard, cardboard package and the font on the label was so nice!  Inside, the stickers were in a cellophane wrap with a nice 'Thank You' card included with all of the logos for where you can find Kiwi Speech's various social media sites and stores.  I loved the way they were packaged; they were so well protected that they had made it all the way to the UK without any damage at all! :) The order details were also included, and Kristin had checked them all off, so I could see easily that it was all included!

The stickers were even prettier than I had hoped! The colours are gorgeous and the fonts are so pretty!   The quality of the stickers is really good and they're the ideal size for the diary/planner I will have at work! (A small, A5 diary -roughly 6"x8").  Some of the stickers I chose are on removable paper (which I haven't tried yet), but Kristin is honest on her page that they might not be removable on every type of paper- I loved this honesty in her description!  I wanted removable stickers for those times when the stickers are put on wonky (nightmare!) or when I don't manage to complete the to-do list one week, so I can move it to the following week! 
The SLP weekly/monthly stickers have plenty of space to write in student names and the SLP Schedule 1 stickers provide a great, quick reference for meetings, professional development days and 'no school' days!

I also love the additional motivational quotes and the organisational stickers too! I'm going to use the pin/paperclip ones in the note pages of my diary to make a list of things to remember or to make each month! :)  I love being organised and I'm a visual person, so these stickers are perfect for me!

Here's a closer look:

Final thoughts... I love the overall look and quality of these stickers.  The cut and detail on each sticker is perfect and I know that they're going to be really useful at work! I can tell that they will help me stay organised so I can have a great year and I'm really excited to get my new diary next week, so I can put them to use!  I'll definitely be buying more when I've used these up!

If you're interested in getting your own, head over to Kiwi Speech on Etsy to purchase your own sets.  She provides a range of different types and the selection is growing regularly! Be sure to follow her on Instagram too, as you often get a sneak peek on there before they're posted in her store!

I'd love to hear how you stay organised; what are your favourite ways to keep your to-do lists in order?  Let me know below!

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